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ESERO Space Careers Roadshow goes virtual on 8th October

The very popular ESERO Space Careers Roadshow will be brought to you online this year on Thursday 8th October in partnership with Blackrock Castle Observatory.

The event is designed for senior cycle students and their teachers and provides an opportunity for students to meet  scientists and engineers who work in the space sector in Ireland and abroad.

Speakers during this Space Week event include James Carpenter from the European Space Agency, Hannah Currivan from Realtra Space Systems and Niall Smith from CIT/Blackrock Castle Observatory.  Schools will be able to register for a break-out session with their chosen speaker where they can interact act and ask questions in smaller groups.

For more information about the speakers and to register click the link https://bit.ly/3hw49Yc 

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22 September 4pm to 5pm & 23 September 7pm to 8pm
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AstroPi Mission Zero workshop for primary and secondary school teachers using Raspberry Pi
23rd September 2020
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ESERO Space Education Conference for Junior Cycle teachers
Saturday 26th September 10.00 to 13.30 hrs
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