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Space Week 2022

Space Week 2022 takes place from 4th to 10th October with loads of activities and resources  which can be seen at www.spaceweek.ie

Details of ESERO Ireland school resources are below:

Primary Schools

Our Space Week primary teacher CPD explores Infrared Astronomy  and images from the James Webb Space Telescope.  Online and Face to Face sessions available.  This professional development supports the new Space Week classroom resource for 2022 called Infrared Astronomy.  Use the DPSM/ESERO framework for inquiry to investigate light and in particular infrared light or infrared radiation which is primarily ‘heat’.  This resource includes the Herschel Experiment to find out which part of the light spectrum is hottest.

The ESERO Space Goes To School programme brings real Space Industry professionals to your classroom via video conference, for FREE! Your students will have a chance to learn from these experts and to engage with them. Speakers are available to book for 30 minute online slots allowing for student Q&A time all you need is good internet connection.  Pls note these sessions are very popular with schools and book out very quickly.

The ESERO Classroom Workshops for primary schools at Blackrock Castle Observatory can now be booked.  Your class can explore the infrared universe as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Post Primary Schools

ESERO Ireland is delighted to present the fifth edition of the ESERO Space Education Confluence for Junior Cycle Science Teachers in partnership with BCO and JCT.  The Confluence is a meeting of minds between teachers and space experts.  It is a hybrid event taking place on Saturday 8th October with the physical element in Explorium.  The theme is James Webb Space Telescope and you will have the opportunity to meet scientists and engineers from Irish companies involved in the JWST mission. Registration is now open and we look forward to meeting you in person or online.

The ESERO Classroom Workshops for Junior Cycle classes at Blackrock Castle Observatory can now be booked.  Students will model the Big Bang and make sense of sizes and scales of objects in the Universe.

We are delighted to announce that our Space Week Space Careers Roadshow will be a physical event taking place in City Hall, Cork on Tuesday 11th October.  The theme for the event is “Surviving Space” with our panelists discussing some of the challenges that Space presents to humans, both from a physiological and logistical perspective.  Registration is open for Senior Cycle Students now.  This event will also be live-streamed on YouTube

The latest updates from the Teacher Support area

Upcoming workshops for Teachers

2022 ESERO Space Education Confluence – Space to come together (A hybrid Event)
8th October 2022
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Space Week Primary CPD
20 Sept 4pm (online). 21 Sept. 7pm F2F session
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Online Summer Course – Discover Climate & Space with ESERO
4th July - 19th August 2022
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