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Space Week with ESERO Ireland

Space Week (4th to 10th October) 2021 is fast approaching and ESERO Ireland has loads to offer you and your students this year


Classroom Resources

There are two new classroom resources for Space Week 2021 using Space Weather as a theme.

The primary resource is called Magnetic Sun and Space Weather  and you can find it here.

The secondary resource is called Space Weather Forecast and you can find it here

Teacher Professional Development

Our monthly primary CPD session (online) run by Frances in Blackrock Castle Observatory (BCO) takes place on 21st September at 4pm or 22nd September at 7pm. We’ll be using the our new Space Week primary classroom resource  which looks at the Magnetic Sun and how it affects us.  Find out what causes space weather and how we can track it?   Find out more and register here.

Registration is open for our Space Education Confluence for Junior Cycle Science Teachers which is run in partnership with BCO and JCT.  It takes place on Saturday 2nd October and focuses on Learning Outcome Earth & Space 8 (Students should be able to examine some of the current hazards and benefits of space exploration and discuss the future role and implications of space exploration in society).  We have an exciting panel of speakers who will tell us about their experience with the Solar Orbitor Mission including Thomas Ormston (ESA Mission Specialist),  John O’Donoghue (Enbio CEO), Sophie Murray (DIAS and Trinity College), and Frances McCarthy from BCO whose job is to help you link everything back to the Junior Cycle Classroom.  The event will be hosted by our very own Niamh Shaw.   Participants will have the opportunity to listen to all the speakers and then interact with each speaker in a break-out room.

Click here for more information and registration

Space Careers

The online Space Week ESERO Space Careers Roadshow for senior cycle students takes place on 12th October.  This is a fantastic opportunity for senior cycle students to interact with scientists and engineers from the space sector.   If schools register for a Zoom connection then students can speak directly with the speakers in break-out rooms.  Prizes are available for the best questions and winners of our virtual quizzes.  Click here for more information about our speakers and registration.

The Space Week Programme for ESERO Space goes to School is now open for registration.   Scientists and engineers share their education and career experience directly into primary and secondary school classrooms.  Note:  A good internet connection is required.    Find out about the speakers available and how to register here.


For all further information about Space Week, events near you or how to register an event go to:



The latest updates from the Teacher Support area

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