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Join ESERO Ireland for Space themed events during Science Week 2020.

Former NASA Astronaut Gregory H Johnson will be our keynote speaker at the Science Week ESERO Space Careers Roadshow on the morning of 19th November  (exact times to be confirmed).   This popular event will be livestreamed on YouTube but you need to register early for the Zoom breakout rooms if you want to join the Q&A session with Greg and other speakers.  This event is a great opportunity for Transition, 5th, 6th year students and their teachers to speak to scientists and engineers working in the Space Sector. Watch this space for more speakers as they are confirmed. Register your school here.

The ESERO space themed primary Classroom Resource for Science Week in “Discovering Life in the Solar System”.  Discover what makes something alive. Would we recognise life if we saw it? Which type of planet might have life?

Want to find out more?  Join the ESERO Science Week CPD workshop on 12th November (7pm to 8pm) OR 18th November (7pm to 8pm).  Frances McCarthy from Blackrock Castle Observatory will be online to help you get answers to all these questions and more and to show how the resource might be used in your classrooms.  https://esero.ie/upcoming-workshop/space-week-primary-cpd/

The ESERO Ireland Science Week Workshops for Primary and Second Level students are going digital this year! Our planet is teeming with life, but we haven’t found life elsewhere in our universe…Yet!
ESERO Ireland is bringing you a remote session on Discovering Life in the Solar System, with the Education Team at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory.
With workshop adaptations suited to both primary and second level students, we’re positive we can get your students pondering the exciting science behind the search for life elsewhere!  Book your class in here.

Our colleagues at I-LOFAR in Birr Castle have a selection of workshops and discussion topics developed for Junior Cycle classes which are suitable for an online format. A member of their AstroLands Education Team will video call into your class to run an interactive workshop and lead a discussion around a range of topics, including investigating telescopes of the past and future, exploring our Solar System and more.  To find out more about this and loads more Science Week events including workshops for primary classes at I-LOFAR click the link! https://lofar.ie/science -week-2020/

Baking in Space with Wexford Science Festival – Saturday 14 November 7pm
Baking In Space – Bake to the Future’ is a Science Week Ireland 2020 programme funded by Science Foundation Ireland and created in partnership with British Council Ireland, Dr Niamh Shaw and Andrew Smyth. It is kindly supported by Yakult which is itself boldly going into space for experiments with astronauts on the International Space Station in collaboration with Japan Aerospace Exploration agency (JAXA). Their mission is to study the influence of Yakult’s bacteria on the human body.  More information and registration at https://bit.ly/35JKf8h



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Upcoming workshops for Teachers

Engineering Telescopes (online workshop)
Tues 23 February @ 4pm and Wed 24 February @ 7pm
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Climate Detectives Workshop
Tuesday 10th November 7pm to 8pm
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Science Week primary CPD
12th November 7pm to 8pm OR 18th November 7pm-8pm
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