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Expedition Home

ESA Education has launched Expedition: Home, a one-stop website for kids and parents to do fun space-based activities and keep learning while at home.

The minisite features plenty of activities for three age ranges: 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 years old.

With Expedition: Home, you and your family will be able to:

  • Try their special selection of hands-on space activities: Build, Experiment, Move, Watch, Draw & Colour, Program, and Explore
  • Have fun with Paxi, their alien mascot, with interactive media and mini-lessons for the younger explorers
  • Meet an ESA expert each week and learn about their fascinating work
  • Participate in the special home edition of our school projects, running from 12 May to 4 September
    • Moon Camp @ home
      Create a 3D model of a lunar base where astronauts can live and explore
    • Climate detectives @ home
      Monitor our planet from home and investigate climate using a satellite image
    • CADSat @ home
      Plan a scientific mission and 3D design your very own mini satellite which has to fit the size of a soda can
  • Participate in our Weekly Space Challenges, running from 12 May to 4 September:
    • #SpaceCodingChallenge
      We need your coding skills to program a game and help Paxi accomplish his space missions!
    • #TrainLikeAnAstronaut challenge
      It’s time to get up, move our bodies, and train like an astronaut! Complete physical activities to practice your agility, endurance, coordination, and strength

The latest updates from the Teacher Support area

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23rd September 2020
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1st July - 21st August
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Climate Science Champions with DPSM/ESERO and SEAI – A virtual summer course
20th to 24th July
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