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ESERO Ireland is getting ready for Science Week 2019!

Science Week 2019 will run from 10 to 17 November with events nationwide. This year Science Week will focus on climate action, seeking to help people understand climate change, how science and technology can help us create a positive climate future and the impact we as individuals can have on climate change. Click here to find an event near you or organise your own event.


Check out our projects page for a range of national and European space challenges for primary and secondary students. These educational initiatives aim to help young people increase their literacy and competence in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) while stimulating students’ creativity and critical thinking. Click here to find out more!

ESERO is an education project of the European Space Agency (ESA), co-funded by ESA and by national partners active in the fields of education and space. In Ireland, the national partner is Science Foundation Ireland.

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How to make Microgravity – Exercise 2 Drop Tower

An exercise on freefall of objects in the Drop Tower at Bremen University.

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The latest updates from the Teacher Support area

Upcoming workshops for Teachers

ESA e-Technology Lab and Robotics Workshops
Nov and Dec 2019

Primary  and secondary school teachers from are invited to apply to technology and robotics workshops to be delivered by the ESA Education Office at the e-Technology Lab in the ESA Education Training Centre, located in Belgium, in November and December 2019.

Science Week CPD for Primary Teachers
October 16th, 23th, and 24th - 2019

Science Week CPD – Moons, Moons, Moons – Explore the science of our nearest celestial neighbour, The Moon, and learn about the other moons we know of!

Earth & Space Conference for Junior Cycle Science Teachers
Saturday October 12th 2019

ESERO Ireland in partnership with CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory and Junior Cycle for Teachers present the second “Teaching Earth and Space in the Junior Cycle” one day conference.

The latest news from ESERO & ESA

423 Teams selected for phase 2 of Astro Pi Mission Space Lab 2019/2020!

November 15, 2019

ESA Education and the Raspberry Pi Foundation congratulate all the entries of this year’s European Astro Pi Challenge: Mission Space Lab for their outstanding proposals. This has been another record-breaking year with Phase 1 receiving a grand total of 545 entries from 23 countries! The 423 selected teams will now have a chance to write computer code for the scientific experiments they want to send up to Astro Pi Ed or Astro Pi Izzy to run aboard the International Space Station!

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ESA-Sponsored Students attended the IAC 2019

November 14, 2019

One of ESA Education’s most prestigious annual conference sponsorships was recently awarded to 10 university students to attend the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which ran from 21 October – 25 October in Washington, D.C. 

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Top CanSat 2019 final reports

November 14, 2019

ESA Education is pleased to announce the top four final reports submitted by student teams after they competed in the 2019 European CanSat Competition. The final launch campaign was hosted by Sierrafox in Bologna, Italy in the final week of June.

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