CanSat Resources

CanSat Resources

2023 CanSat Ireland Registration Form
Registration form for teams to participate in the 2022/23 CanSat Ireland Competition

Guidelines for the 2022/23 CanSat Ireland Competition, including entry requirements, competition rules, key dates, and specifications for the CanSat
2023 CanSat Ireland Guidelines Final  

Please note:  as these are published in advance of the European Competition Guidelines there may be some changes for the European Competition which we will share once published.

CanSat User Manual 
A helpful guide to using your CanSat

ESA Meet the Experts – Designing a Mission 
See how ESA scientists and Engineers use concurrent design techniques to design missions

Getting Started With CanSat – Part A 
An overview to getting started with CanSat, including helpful exercises

Getting Started With CanSat – Part B 
An overview to getting started with CanSat, including helpful exercises

Meet Arduino (introduction to Arduino computing using C++)-min
Introduction to Arduino Computing using C++

Design Your Parachute (A guide to landing your CanSat safely)-min
A guide to landing your CanSat safely

Communicating with radio (Ground control to Major CanSat)-min
Communicating from the CanSat to your laptop

Training Videos
Below are a list of training videos hosted by Emer Cahill, GMIT lecturer in the Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, who explains and demonstrates different aspects of the CanSat Project.

Introduction to the CanSat Training Videos

CanSat Training Video Part 2 – Physical Structure 

CanSat Training Video Part 3 – Getting to know The Arduino

CanSat Training Video Part 4 – Measuring Temperature

CanSat Training Video Part 5 – Measuring Pressure

CanSat Training Video Part 6 – Take off!

CanSat Training Video Part 7 – Soldering

 CanSat Training Video Part 8 – About Parachutes 

CanSat Training Video Part 9 – Saving Transmitted Data to a File 

CanSat Training Video Part 10 – More about Temperature and Pressure

CanSat Training Video Part 11 – Calibrating the Temperature Measurement Circuitry

CanSat Training Video Part 12 – Using Excel for Analysing 

CanSat Training Video Part 13 – Converting Pressure to Altitude

CanSat Training Video Part 14 – Using Excel to Analyse and Present Data


ESERO Resources For Partners

2023 CanSat Ireland – Partner Guidelines FINAL

CanSat Ireland 2023 Training Reporting

CanSat Ireland 2023 Child Safety & Covid Compliance

MTU Child Safeguarding STatement December 2021