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AstroLands Academy with I-LOFAR

June 28, 2021
ESERO Ireland

Think you might be interested in studying something to do with space at University? We have a #summercamp for you!

16 & 17th August, Ages 16–18.

Visit for more details and to apply.

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Online Ladybird Guide to Spacecraft Operations Training Course 2021 wows students with live satellite pass

September 21, 2021
ESA Academy has reached an impressive milestone, having just completed the 75th course in the Training and Learning Programme Read More »

Celebrate CanSat during the online Outreach Event

September 20, 2021
2020 marked the 10-year anniversary of the European CanSat competition.  Read More »

Join ESA’s Teach with Space 2021-22 Online Information Session

September 20, 2021
Would you love to join space related teacher training sessions? Do you want to inspire your pupils and run an experiment on the ISS with Astro Pi, protect Earth’s environment with Climate detectives, train like an astronaut with Mission X, build a lunar base with Moon Camp, or even launch a mini satellite with CanSat Read More »

Join the 2021-2022 Mission X school project

September 17, 2021
It’s time to get up, move your body, and train like an astronaut! Astronauts need years of training and preparation for their missions to space. In Mission X, you’ll learn the key elements to keeping fit and staying healthy in space and on Earth. Do you have what it takes? Read More »

Apply now for the 2022 European CanSat Competition

September 16, 2021
Registration for the 2022 European CanSat Competition is now open! Teams made up of 4 to 6 secondary school students, aged 14-19 years old, from ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia are invited to participate. Read More »