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Join Cillian Murphy on his analog mission with Lunares Research Station

May 14, 2021
ESERO Ireland

Cillian Murphy is an Irish Astrophysicist who works at the Lunares analog Research Station in Poland

The station can hold a Lunar and Martian 2 week mission for a 6-person crew. The facility provides space and infrastructure for complex research on the impact of long-term extra-terrestrial human presence.

The general objective of LunAres is to create a research platform to support scientific and technological development in manned space exploration. The broad range of specialists are involved in the study from fields like extreme medicine, psychology, biotechnology, robotics and engineering, sociology, architecture.

Conducted research focuses on human factors in manned space missions as well as testing of sustainable and innovative technologies. The base is fully isolated from the environment including 250 square meters of EVA area.

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LEDSAT passes Flight Acceptance Review and now has a ticket to orbit

June 15, 2021
ESA Academy’s Fly Your Satellite! programme gives university students the opportunity to devise innovative experiments and launch them onboard miniature satellites. Currently involved with the programme is LEDSAT, a 1-unit CubeSat from Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. Read More »

Student satellite components bombarded with heavy-ions during intense tests

June 15, 2021
ESA Academy’s Fly Your Satellite! programme gives university students the life-changing experience of designing, building, and even launching their own nano-satellites into orbit.  Read More »

Students log on for ESA Academy’s Online Space Debris Training Course 2021

June 10, 2021
From 17 to 28 May 2021, 36 university students from 13 different ESA Member States and Canada booted up their computers to participate in ESA Academy’s Online Space Debris Training Course 2021.  Read More »

Live call from the ISS with European teachers and students

June 04, 2021
On 1 June teachers and students from France, Estonia and Austria spoke live for 20 minutes with French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the International Space Station.  Read More »

Nearly 15,000 young people had their programs run on the ISS during the European Astro Pi Challenge 2020-21

June 02, 2021
ESA and the Raspberry Pi Foundation are excited to announce that 9408 computer programs written by young people participating in the European Astro Pi challenge this year have been successfully deployed on the International Space Station (ISS)! Read More »