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Apply now to the ESA Teach with Space Online Conference

February 26, 2021
Register now for ESA’s first-ever virtual teacher conference! Over the course of three days, from 6 to 8 July 2021, ESA Education will bring space into your classroom. Explore space by hearing from space experts; discover inspiring ways to use space as a context to teach STEM in your physical and virtual classrooms; experience demonstrations of our fun classroom activities; and enjoy social space-themed events and more! Read More »

I-LOFAR and special guest Dr Niamh Shaw celebrate Engineers Week

February 25, 2021
ESERO Ireland

Join I-LOFAR and special guest Dr. Niamh Shaw to celebrate Engineers Week with a deep dive into engineering for space exploration.

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Easter AstroCamps for children aged 10 to 15

February 23, 2021
ESERO Ireland

The AstroLands Team at I-LOFAR are delighted to be bringing our online Astro Camps back for Easter 2021. Over the 3-day camps we will explore the Universe, learn what’s so special about our Sun, investigate Black Holes and more – all coming to a computer screen near you!

There will be two Astro Camps for 10-12 and 13-15 age groups where we will dive into astronomy with talks from researchers, virtual tours, lively discussions and hands-on activities.

These Astro Camps are free thanks to support from SFI and ESERO Ireland. For more information and to book go to the I-LOFAR website

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3D design in Education for beginners

February 15, 2021
Join the 3D design in Education for beginners online training! Read More »

Gravity-Related Experiments Training Week 2021 concludes as student projects officially start

February 09, 2021
Last week another online training session organized by ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Programme concluded with over 30 University students who are now setting off on a year-long adventure of building, testing and performing experiments on gravity altering platforms. Read More »

Teach with Jupiter educational webpage now online

February 08, 2021
ESA is preparing to launch an exciting space probe to the largest planet in our Solar System called the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer, or Juice for short. To support teachers in using this out this world mission to run their STEM classes, ESA has prepared the Teach with Jupiter educational page, which hosts a variety of curricular STEM resources using Jupiter and the Solar System as the learning context. Read More »