ESA has teamed with LEGO for the FIRST® LEGO® League competition 2018
October 24, 2018

ESA has teamed up with LEGO to provide inspiration, support and expertise to the European teams participating in the FIRST® LEGO® League competition 2018, under the theme of Space. See announcement, in English, here:

ESERO Ireland wants to help the teams find information and relevant space examples that can be useful for teams’ projects. Teams are welcomed to our website where they can access free:

  • classroom resources: covering a broad scope of science and technology curricular topics related to space themes. Look for the resources focused on space topics and age groups;
  • exciting space challenges and competitions;
  • videos with national space scientists and engineers, highlighting their work and motivation to work in space activities / inspiring STEM careers ; [optional]

The FIRST® LEGO® League competition 2018 is an exciting project to inspire school students to get involved in STEM.

Stay tuned on these and the ESA Education pages to find out about the other space-themed school projects coming up this school year.