Expedition: Home
April 16, 2020

ESA Education is launching Expedition: Home, a one-stop website for kids and parents to do fun space-based activities and keep learning while at home.

The minisite features plenty of activities for three age ranges: 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 years old.

With Expedition: Home, you and your family will be able to:

  • Try our special selection of hands-on space activities: Build, Experiment, Move, Watch, Draw & Colour, Program, and Explore
  • Have fun with Paxi, our alien mascot, with interactive media and mini-lessons for the younger explorers
  • Meet an ESA expert each week and learn about their fascinating work
  • Participate in the special home edition of our school projects, running from 12 May to 4 September
    • Moon Camp @ home
      Create a 3D model of a lunar base where astronauts can live and explore
    • Climate detectives @ home
      Monitor our planet from home and investigate climate using a satellite image
    • CADSat @ home
      Plan a scientific mission and 3D design your very own mini satellite which has to fit the size of a soda can

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