Space Week 2023
August 24, 2023
ESERO Ireland

Sky’s the limit for Space Week events

Nationwide festival celebrating space and science is calling on schools, businesses, community groups, astronomy clubs, and members of the public to come together with the space community to make this year’s Space Week an out of this world experience! 

Space Week Ireland returns this October 4th-10th 2023 and organisers at MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory, in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland, are calling on space enthusiasts, community groups, businesses and institutions nationwide to organise their own out of this world events.

The festival, which aims to ignite a passion for space science and inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts, coincides with World Space Week and is the nation’s premier celebration of space exploration and science. Over the week, the public can explore a space-themed festival of events and a captivating series of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, throughout the country.

Dr Ruth Freeman, Director of Science for Society at SFI, said: “Space Week Ireland brings the public together with the space community through events which encourage creative and critical thinking and reveal the vastness of the Universe around us. It’s the perfect opportunity to inspire people about the wonders of space and to celebrate those who work in the space industry. Ireland is well positioned to become a leader in this sector thanks to our well-equipped STEM workforce and curious young people. Through this focused celebration of Space Week, everyone has an opportunity to engage with the latest research and develop a greater understanding of our planet and universe.”


Everyone in Ireland is invited to organise an event. Whether you’re a tiny club or community group, a classroom, a large organisation or institution, or a family interested in the wonders of the universe. Those interested are invited to register an event that falls within the theme ‘Our Planet, Our Space, Our Time’, which emphasises the shared spirit of adventure, curiosity, and innovation that underlies humankind’s ongoing exploration of the cosmos. All those that register will also get a digital Space Week Kit. Events can be large or small, public, or private, free to enter or with an entrance charge, so the sky’s the limit with your imagination. All event submissions are automatically entered into a draw for a chance to win some cool Space Week Prizes and the Space Week team will help publicise your event if you register before 15th August.

Rob O’ Sullivan, National Outreach Coordinator for Space Week Ireland said “Space Week Ireland has gone from strength to strength in recent years and we’re convinced this will be the best one yet. Space Week Ireland is one of the busiest on the world stage so it’s obvious that Irish people have an appetite for all things space. We are calling all space enthusiasts, community groups, families, and businesses to engage by creating or attending an event. You can get loads of inspiration by accessing the downloadable resources on the website which has activities for every kind of group to help you plan and engage with Space Week.”

Commenting on the importance of Space Week, Dr Niamh Shaw, one of Ireland’s leading STEAM communications experts, said: “Space Week Ireland is the nation’s premier celebration of space exploration and science. Space exploration is a fascinating and important field. We all stand under the same sky looking up in wonder, so it is fitting that during Space Week everyone is invited to join in discovering the wonders of the universe. I would encourage individuals, educational institutions, museums, astronomy clubs, and other organisations to submit their event ideas and help make Space Week Ireland an unforgettable experience for all.”

Ideas for possible events include:

  • Public lectures and talks by renowned experts in the field of space science.
  • Hands-on workshops and demonstrations showcasing the principles of space exploration and technology.
  • Interactive exhibitions featuring models, telescopes, and artifacts related to space missions and discoveries.
  • Astronomy-themed competitions, quizzes, and games.
  • Film screenings of space-themed movies or documentaries.
  • Stargazing events and guided observation sessions.
  • Virtual reality experiences provide immersive journeys through space.
  • Space-themed art exhibitions and performances.

To guarantee inclusion in the programme the deadline for event entries is August 15th, 2023. To submit an event or find more information about the submission process, interested parties are invited to visit the official Space Week Ireland website at



Space Week is brought to you by MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory with the support of Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland