Space Week Classroom Workshops with Blackrock Castle Observatory
August 31, 2022
ESERO Ireland

Primary Classes: Monday 3 October – Thursday 6 October

Infrared astronomy (suitable for 3rd class and up).

Explore the infrared universe as seen by the Webb Telescope. What is infrared light? How are we able to detect it and what does it tell us about these ‘cool’ objects?

Second Level Classes: Monday 10 October, Wednesday 12 October – Friday 14 October

Modelling the Big Bang (suitable for Junior Cycle Classes).

How can we model the Big Bang and make sense of the sizes and scales of objects in the Universe? And how are the amazing images from the Webb Telescope helping us to understand the early Universe?

Workshop sessions are available each day from 10am to 1pm.  Your visit includes a 1.5h workshop and a 1.5 h exhibit visit, including a tour of the historic castle and a star show. Cost €9 per student, maximum 2 classes per day.

These sessions are part of Space Week Ireland and are offered with the support of ESERO Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland.

A limited number of afternoon online sessions will be offered directly to schools.

Contact to register your interest in these workshops or sessions.