Esero Space Goes to School

The ESERO Space Goes To School program brings real Space Industry professionals to your classroom via videoconference, for FREE! Your students will have a chance to learn from these experts and to engage with them.


Our program for Space Week is now complete. Our Science Week programme will open for registration soon. These talks are designed to show students how varied the paths that lead to a STEM career in Space can be, and to assure them that they too can have an amazing career in this industry.


Speakers are available to book for 30 minute online slots allowing for student Q&A time. Please note – as these connections will take place online you will need a strong WiFi connection. This programme is extremely popular and spaces fill up fast. To avoid disappointment and to be in with the best possible chance of securing a speaker for your class, we highly recommend you book early when programmes are announced.


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    Simon Jeffers
    PhD Student and Scientific Explainer at BCO Secondary

    Simon has begun a PhD in the CAPPA group in MTU in the field of Photonics. He graduated in 2020 from MTU with a BSc in Instrument Engineering. Simon also worked on the MASK Project with the research team in BCO to investigate the effectiveness of face coverings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This project produced Science Foundation Ireland’s Research Image of the Year Award for 2020. Simon also is a Scientific Explainer who gives planetarium shows in Blackrock Castle Observatory.


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    Juan Miro
    Head of Ground Systems Engineering Operations at ESA Primary and Secondary

    Juan has worked in space programmes at the European Space Agency (ESA) for 27 years. He has recently retired from ESA but remains passionate about space and likes talking about its contributions to society. He enjoys explaining space and the underlying Physics to young students and interested public. Juan is Spanish, has a Masters in Industrial Engineering by the Polytechnical University of Barcelona and has worked in Germany and The Netherlands. His wife Gabrielle is Irish and they spend now a lot of time in Co. Louth.

    Find our more about Juan in his profile on our Space Career Profiles page

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    Aoife Murphy
    Space Studies Programme Alumni Primary and Secondary

    Aoife Murphy is graduating this year from Technological University Dublin, formerly Dublin Institute of Technology, with a BE (Hons) focused in Mechanical Engineering. In 2018, she took part in ESA Academy’s Ladybird Guide to Spacecraft Operations Training Course in ESEC-Galaxia in Belgium. This summer, she took part in the first ever online Interactive Space Program (ISP) with the International Space University. She has also been recently accepted onto the Space Studies Program with the International Space University. Aoife would like to share how she became passionate about space, her journey so far, her experience with the ESA course and the International Space University, as well as how she intends to continue pursuing a career in the space sector.

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    Evan Slattey
    ISU Alumni Primary and Secondary

    A Limerick born engineer looking to make his way into the space sector. Evan received bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Limerick. As the space sector is limited in Ireland I ventured abroad to do a Masters in Space Studies at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. Evan will be joining you from Strasbourg and will tell you all about his journey through space academia so far, and how you can do so too!

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    Heidi Thiemann
    Astronomer & Researcher Primary and Secondary

    Heidi is a PhD Astronomy student at Open University studying binary stars. Her research is focused in astronomy, astrophysics, stellar formation and evolution.
    Heidi has access to and works with telescopes like Super WASP, Faulkes Telescope, ASAS-SN, South African Astronomical Observatory.


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    Danielle Wilcox
    Astronomer and Telescope Operator at Blackrock Castle Observatory Primary and Secondary

    Danielle works as a Resident Astronomer and Telescope Operator at Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork, Ireland, and Coordinator of Space Week Ireland.

    Danielle is passionate about space and one of the main goals of her work is to communicate space, science, and astronomy to students and the public. She organises many outreach programs throughout the year to make space accessible to as many people as possible.

    Her favorite part of her job, however, is using the telescope at the observatory.  It’s a 16″ Schmidt Cassegrain Meade LX200R.  Danielle works alongside the on-site Astrophysicist gathering images.  The research that’s done is mainly on blackholes and exoplanets but they also image other target in space to use as educational resources for schools.

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