Climate Detectives Teacher Information Session
Tuesday 28th September @ 7pm
Primary & Post Primary Level

By participating in the Climate Detectives project, students will understand Earth’s climate as a complex and changing system as well as learn the importance of respecting our environment. Students will have the opportunity to engage with scientists and climate experts through organised webinars as well as initiating and organising these opportunities themselves with local colleges, universities and other organisations.

Resources are provided to help teachers direct and support students to plan and implement a meaningful investigation of a climate problem and demonstrate how they can make a difference. This approach enhances
transversal skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, real-world problem solving and communication.

Climate Detectives objectives are:
• To promote the teaching and learning of STEM competences and skills, including scientific methodology, data collection, visualisation and analysis;
• To improve the younger generation’s awareness and knowledge of Earth’s climate, both as a global issue and in local environments, and prepare them for the climate challenges of this century.

Climate Detectives can be implemented to support teaching, learning and assessment in the context of the school curriculum. Here are the relevant curriculum links for Irish schools:
Primary Level
SESE Science
Strand: Energy and Forces/ Science and the Environment
Strand Unit: Heat/ Caring for the environment
SESE Geography
Strand: Natural Environments
Strand units: Weather, climate and atmosphere/ Planet Earth in Space/ The local natural environment
SESE Science & Geography
Strand: Environmental awareness and care
Strand Units: Science & the environment/ caring for the environment

Second Level
Junior Cycle Science
Nature of Science 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10
Earth and Space 7
Junior Certificate Geography
Exploring the physical world 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
Exploring how we interact with the physical world 2.6, 2.8

Join us on 28th September from 7pm til 8pm where we will share the Climate Detectives timeline and resources including the Earth Observation Browser which gives your students access to ESA satellite data.

Book your place on this virtual workshop here  You will be sent a Zoom link in advance of the event.