ESA e-Technology Laboratory Workshops for secondary teachers
23 - 25 January 2023
Post Primary Level

During the workshops, teachers will firstly discover the Arduino tool. Electricity, the use of environmental sensors, data collection, and computer programming will be investigated during this phase. Teachers will then have the task of designing and building a rover to perform a ‘Mission to Mars’ with specific discovery objectives.

The e-technology lab workshops make use of a range of educational technology tools (including but not limited to LEGO education, Raspberry Pi and Arduino) within the context of space to enable participating teachers to engage and inspire their students in STEM subjects. Teachers will also learn how they can make use of these educational tools to participate in ESA classroom projects with their students. Inspired by real ESA space missions, teachers will learn about the different kinds of expertise and skills necessary to make a space project successful. Selected teachers will receive further information on the content of the workshop that will be delivered.

Sponsorship and costs
Selected teachers should arrange their travel from their departure point in an ESA Member or Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia or Slovenia to the location of the training course, and back to their original departure point. Travel expenses will be covered by ESA up to a maximum of 300€ per teacher. These expenses will be reimbursed to the teacher’s bank account after the event, upon production of valid, original receipts.

For the duration of the workshop, accommodation, catering, and local transportation will be organised, booked, and paid by ESA’s Education Office. Teachers will be sharing hotel rooms.

The deadline to submit your application is:

12 December 2022 for the workshop taking place on 23-25 January 2023.

Applicants will be notified on 19 December 2022, whether they are successful or not.


for more information and registration