ESERO Ireland and JCT supporting Earth and Space Teaching & Learning in Junior Cycle Science
W/C November 23rd 2020
Post Primary Level

ESERO is delighted to partner with JCT to support the Earth & Space Strand by offering this professional learning experience to Junior Cycle science teachers.   Specifically the PLE will combine asynchronous and synchronous learning to support Learning Outcome E&S4:

Students should be able to develop and use a model of Earth-sun-moon system to describe predictable phenomena observable on earth, including seasons, lunar phases and eclipses of the sun.

This professional learning experience will consist of two elements.

  1. Asynchronous Engagement: On close of registration, you will be sent, by post, an activity pack and booklet.  You will be invited to engage with the pack and to reflect on your learning over a two-week period.  By “asynchronous” we mean that you engage with the resources at a time that suits you.
  2. Synchronous Engagement: The second part of this CPD will consist of an online workshop during the week of November 23rd.  As part of this online learning event, you will be invited to discuss the pedagogical approaches offered by the packs, as you engage with other teachers to share your reflections and learning from your engagement with the packs. We will also explore your experience of this “Flipped CPD” approach.

The online event is scheduled for 1hour and 15minutes. Several time options during the week of November 23rd will be offered after registration.  We hope that this hybrid approach to e-learning will ensure that the time spent together online is spent in discussion and sense making.

Please note that some of the activities were first explored as part of the ESERO Ireland Earth and Space Conference in CIT in September 2019. However the resources have been further developed for this experience.

You can register for this at