ESERO Space Education Conference for Junior Cycle teachers
Saturday 26th September 10.00 to 13.30 hrs
Post Primary Level

As always we aim to offer practical classroom resources to support the Junior Cycle Earth & Space strand as well as plenary speakers of the highest calibre from Ireland and beyond.  This year our plenary speakers are Fatima Pinto from The European Space Agency (ESA) Education Office and Niall Smith from CIT

Fatima will share her vast experience in using Earth Observation (EO) in an educational context during her plenary presentation.  She will also lead a practical workshop on how to use the EO Browser, an online EO platform which was developed in close cooperation with ESA, in your classroom, using examples relevant to Ireland.

Ever popular Niall Smith from CIT/BCO will tell us about the huge numbers of satellites overhead at any time and how they improve our lives in so many ways.

Practical workshops
You can chose to participate in two of the three break-out practical workshops – you will be asked to choose which workshops on registration so that the online breakouts can be organised in advance.
We plan to have these sessions as interactive as possible given the on-line platform, but you are sure to take away practical resources that you can use in the classroom with some appropriate for remote teaching and learning.

Workshop 1 – Tutorial on EO Browser:  How to use EO browser in the classroom (with Fatima Pinto)
Workshop 2 – European Space Agency Classroom Resource “Sea Ice from Space” for Junior Cycle Science (with Donal O’Laoire)
Workshop 3 – Remote Learning with Remote Sensing – Incorporating Satellite Data into Junior Cycle Science (with Frances McCarthy)

This conference has now taken place.  The presentations can be accessed in PDF format below:

ESERO Space Education Conference introduction – Stephanie O’Neill 26.09.20

Earth Observation from space – Plenary session – Fatima Pinto

Sea_ice_Space – Donal O’Laoire

Workshop_EO Browser Fatima Pinto

RemoteLearningRemoteSensing – Frances McCarthy

Satellites Improve Lives – Niall Smith