Junior Rocket Scientists: Space Science as a Cross-Curricular Theme
4th - 8th July 2016
Primary Level

Department of Education and Skills approved Summer Course for Primary School Teachers of infant and junior classes (participants qualify for 3 EPV days)

The European Space Education Office (ESERO) Ireland, is offering places for teachers of infant and junior classes on a 5 day professional development course at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, a unique space-related location in Cork from 1st to 7th of July 2015.
The course ‘Junior Rocket Scientists: Space Science as a Cross-Curricular Theme’ explores space-related activities and teaching approaches that develop scientific and numeracy skills in an integrated way across the curriculum, particularly through Science and Geography. The focus will be on inquiry based learning.

The objective of the course is to assist participants to develop a cross-curricular approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) using Space as a theme. The course will have an emphasis on inquiry based learning and provide opportunities to apply skills and knowledge to real life situations. The main curriculum areas covered by the course are SESE (Science, Geography) and Mathematics with a focus on skills:

Mathematical skills: applying and problem solving, integrating and connecting, communicating and expressing, reasoning, understanding and recalling.
Science and Geography Skills: A sense of place, a sense of space. Questioning, observing, predicting, investigating and experimenting, estimating and measuring, analysing, recording and communicating.

The course will commence with hands-on sessions based around the DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry and a range of classroom based activities, which have been developed, tested and used widely by primary teachers. The DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry has been developed by DPSM facilitators & teachers working with science education specialists and is designed to be used in the planning and teaching of a topic, or theme, on the SESE Science curriculum.

The Space related theme of the course will be developed using new resources from the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO), the International Space Station Education Kit from the European Space Agency, the EU Universe Awareness education programme (UNAWE) and a range of other resources including the on-site exhibits and facilities at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory.

Cost for 5 day course €50 (includes tea/coffee/ lunch). For further information please contact:

Frances McCarthy
Phone : 021 432 6121
Email: frances.mccarthy@bco.ie
Web : www.bco.ie

July 4th to 8th 2016 CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory (Cork)
Book on-line at Cork Education Centre